Our first calendar is now available for purchase. 

Many fans of our Facebook page have commented they would like to have a 'Tucker in Tucker County' calendar, so here it is! 

'Tucker's County' is a collection of images taken of Tucker in various locations around Canaan Valley, most notably in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. Tucker accompanies me on most of my photography outings. He typically finds a spot where he is able to survey the surrounding area while patiently waiting for me to shoot. I have come to learn his chosen viewpoint often proves to be the advantaged location. Many of the prints offered through this site have been shot from Tucker's location - not the one I first selected.

This calendar is all Tucker. The cost contains a small markup above the base price such that proceeds can be donated to the Tucker County Animal Shelter.

To purchase the calendar please select the Tucker's County link and you will be directed to a site where the calendar can be ordered and shipped directly.